The Soul of the Nation Goes For a Walk

What an honor to be able to go to D.C. last weekend and march together in solidarity with women across the world. We spoke out against an oppressive system that abuses power and has no grace for the most mistreated members of it's society. We said no to a president that furthers rape culture and jokes about sexual assault. We said no to a president that makes fun of people with disabilities. We said no to a president who lies, even when faced with the facts. We said no to a wall. We said no to violence, and especially violence against women. We said no to defunding live-saving health care. We said no to restricting women's access to reproductive care. We said no to climate denying and no to new pipelines. We did it together in solidarity. I learned as a privileged ally that my silence is violence. I will no longer sweep the things that don't affect me personally under the rug, and I am ashamed it took me so long to learn that. I walk on with new hope song (I've actually got a few songs and I made a spotify playlist so you could sing along). 


I hope the photographs that I share with y'all do the march justice. It was important for me as a photographer to capture the electric, unified, and deeply compassionate feel of the march. I hope that you get happy tears scrolling through these photos because I cried lots of happy tears taking them!